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He Found Me

Oh, how I want to be loved, he cried
Lonely boy, all alone
Where are my people?
What happened to my safety?
What have I done?
Have I done something wrong?
Why does the way of things hurt me?
Surely somewhere there is true beauty
I know it's real, I hold it in my heart
I know that it can be found out there
No one wants it!
No one seems to want it!
So much beauty in me
How can no one see?
See how I love
See how I hold on to you
Why would they forget me?
When my only hope
Was simply to love them
But now I see it wasn't true
For beauty was everywhere
All around me, always
Freedom danced around me
Even though I could not see
Until I came to the edge of the abyss
That's when He came
Single and easy
To remind me
The He was not the problem

Stephen Pursell, 6/18/02