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Forever Simple

What was it like, Lord?
"Simple," he said, "simple...
Dusty ground, calloused heels
Wood and tools, water from the well
Strangers in red, iron on their hips"
Did it hurt, Lord?
"Heavy...it was heavy...
They needed, they were hurting
I knew it was coming"
Was it hard?
"Very," he said,"but I loved them...
They needed me: I could see them
They were empty, they were longing
They were lost
There were lakes in their eyes..."
More, Lord, more please, what was it like?
"Deep... it was deep...
There was meaning in everything
A lesson in the stroke of a file
A wisdom in a business transaction
There was beauty: I was among them now
As was always Our plan..."
How, Lord, how did you do it?
"Everything spoke to me
Father is everywhere, you know
I am everywhere, we are the same..."
Then he said it, the unfathomable
"Do you understand that when I died
I was deeply hurt and disappointed?
It did not matter that I knew it would be so
That they would not receive me?
I made you like me, how would you feel?
I poured out all of myself for them
But only a few wanted me
I'd plead, I'd wept, I'd rebuked
But they would not come
And even they abandoned me in the end
No matter how much I fed or healed or taught
So many refused to come
And that day I was utterly alone
Even my dearest were distant that day..."
But Lord, I...
That's how...that's how..."
Forgive me, Lord
"The brokenness, the brokenness...
It was the only way
It had to be, I could not have foreseen it
I had to learn, yes , to learn..."
But Lord!
"I know, I know,...let it be...
It's the plan, you see, the plan!
Creation subjected to frustration: the plan
Men bound to disobedience: the plan
My sacrifice foreknown : the plan..."
But why Lord?
"For you, you see...that for you
Not for me, but for you
That it might be
For you, simple
Forever simple
You and I, together forever
Side by side
Forever simple
Trusting, easy, intimate
Peaceful, life-giving, singular

Stephen Pursell, 12/02/02