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The warrior in all his raw power
The dancer in all her fluid grace
The composer in all his brilliant mastery
The smith in all his heated heaviness
The sculptor in all his patient finesse
The seamstress in rhythmic steadiness
Each a tool, creating a gift for the other
Each invaluable in his craft
Each indispensable to the whole
The eye says to the hand, "I need you"
The baker feeds the candlestick maker
The woodcutter's work warms the prophet
The singer's sounds soothe the tired miller
The tender mother comforts the child
The child's very existence brings life
To his father's weary, lost soul
Who has created this grand design?
Who is the ultimate master?
Yes, there is a Father to us all
The Eternal, the Ancient of Days
Whose hand stretches out lovingly
From long before the dawn of time
From whose mind sprung all that is
Whose Word spoke all your eyes can see
And a whole lot more that they cannot
Who planned that you would know this
Who purposed that your uniqueness would shine
That your very existence would flash across time
Touching everything around you with Life
That you would walk in the forests of grace
And plunge in the pool of commitment
Taste of the honey-sweet simplicity of love
Sail the roaring seas of experience
And land indelibly in the Glorious side of eternity

Stephen Pursell, 11/12/02