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An Evening With Abba

Gather around, little ones
Huddle close in the folds of my garments
Attend your ear to me while I sing
I have brought you life
I knew you in your mother's womb
That you would know me
Taste and see that I am good
Drink of my oil of joy
How I would that you come to truly seek me
How I long to be known
For, true, I have hidden myself
Only that the devout
Would be in me lastly found
Dedication unswerving
These are the worshipers I seek
Burst forth in song!
This is the day of your finding
From this moment I have birthed you
Right here, right now
All around you, within you: am I
Full of wonder, full of grace
Would you know Wisdom?
Would you know Glory?
Come to me and drink
I invented you
I alone know you fully
Come away with me to the clouds
Sit at my feet and hear my stories
Fare sumptuously
Sit on crushed purple velvet
Eat with silver spoons
Dance in my courtyard
Around firelight and under stars
Drink from golden goblets
Drink freedom, drink!
This is the life for which I made you

Stephen Pursell, 2/8/02