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Class Of '85

Come close, friend
Do you remember me?
Take another look
Peer deep into my eyes
See how they smile at you
We went to school together
At Ophir, at Central
At Las Plumas
I saw your first kiss on the dance floor
When coach yelled, we stood together
In Rhinos, with the Royals
On the Thunderbird gridiron
We rode the bus together
You cheered me from the stands
We battled in class for the top spot
You were always good to me
Oh, how I have missed you
I'm coming home to you
Full of furious daring
I whisper now but soon I will roar
I'm still your friend
More than I ever was
I have always loved you
It hurt me to leave you
In silence I disappeared
I could not bear what was happening
But it was part of the plan for me
To be fire tempered and glory raged
It's up to us now
We carry authority now
Let us use it well
Remember the oneness we once knew
We were children together, that's all
But it's everything
So many precious formative moments
We shared when we didn't yet know
How irreplaceable they were
Let us not forget one another
Nor the love we have had for each other
Stir up your wandering child
Let him scream and weep
If that's what is takes
To really be free
Let her out to play with me
Get ready to dance
I'll be coming soon
Let's let God use us
To usher in his Kingdom
Where we grew up
In the City of Gold
My heart is open to you
You are the friend of my youth
And I will not forget you
You are precious to my heart
Though I left you
I love you still

Stephen Pursell,
original: 7/10/02, revised: 9/11/14