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Children Of Promise

God of creation
Lord of all that is
Unquestionable, unmoved
For you my heart moves
To see you
To feel your breath
To see your children play
All smiles and laughter
Skipping rope, playing tag
Chasing the ice cream trucks of life
Idyllic, golden
Pearly-grinned, sticky chinned
All ages, all colors, all shapes
Healthy and wealthy
Holy and wholly
Bright-eyed and open-faced
Outstretched hands
Eager to love
Ready to share
Looking for friends
Open and trusting
May we who are 'grown'
Be that way again
Fearless to ask
Expectant to receive
Hopeful to experience
Let us see you again
Roll back the Jordan
We shall follow the ark
Walking through death
Receiving the promise

Stephen Pursell, 9/13/02