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Charging Out of the Desert

No longer crumpled in brokenness
No more torment
No more fear
Voices silenced, purpose born
I came here lost
Imprisoned in body and soul
Surrounded by blue-shirted men
And tormentors in green
Also shackled within
Swimming in jungle of pain
Entangled by a snare of lies
My soul to was in chains
But the Word has rescued me
I spoke it and overcame
Not my might, not my power
His breath alone has freed me
Oh, I remember it
Of this there is no doubt
But the questions are gone
No more whispers
Nothing left to tempt
A holy fury rises within me
The Bride is rising
I am not the only one
We are many
Here we come
Rulers of this dark world
Get ready for your terror
Hand in hand with the Bridegroom
Fiercely we come now
We will drive you before us
Righteous rage released
No pity, no remorse
Joy even
To see you cringe in horror
Shackles shattering before us
The dead dance out of their tombs
An army of glory soldiers
Fearsome with the fury of holiness
Sprinting like Elijah
Raging like Samson
Dancing like David
Weeping like Jeremiah
Charging out of the desert
With His fire in our eyes
Heaven bent on your destruction
The Lion of Judah ROARS!!

Stephen Pursell,
original: 5/02, revised :11/16/14
In the spirit of this poem we pray
for the Army Of Light to be released.