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Can It Be

Can it be, Lord?
Can it be I really am whom you I thought you said?
Can it be you have honored me in this way?
Can it be you have burdened me this way?
Oh but how I have prayed for it
Oh to be given these men to love
These precious souls you died for
Can it be Lord you'll use me as I hoped?
To be a beacon of hope
An example of faith in you
To call your due glory to you
To promote the excellence of your name
It's up to you, Lord
Or is it up to me?
It's your life to live through me
I just hope I am not fighting you
You know how I have longed to reach them
To see them be touched by your grace
To serve as your vessel of mercy
To tell them your promises of Life
Melt their hearts, Lord
Go before me and prepare the way
Open their ears
Speak through me
Words of Life, Abba
Words of Mercy, words of Grace
Save them, Lord, with or without me
Wrap them up
Enfold them in your love
Cradle them in your mercies and kindness
Can it be, Lord, that the hour has come?

Stephen Pursell, 11/18/02