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Bye Bye Balrog

I remember you!
Ha! What a pretender you are!
Oh my, you had me buffaloed!
Look at you
Squirming little inch worm
Where is your sword and whip?
Look at what you have done to yourself!
You gave up glory for THAT?
You are not even worth pitying
I hate you
The white hot fury of holiness
Longing to do you damage
But dear Lord, how you make me laugh!
Huffing and puffing
Acting tough to the end
HA!  How laughable!
Are you sure you want to do this?
You know, if you try to hang around
I may just have to roar
Are you sure you want to hear that?
The True Aslan roaring through me?
Okay, if that is really what you want...
Bye now
I hope hell treats you better than it did me...
Run along now
Off to eternal torment you go

Stephen Pursell,
original: 6/16/02
, revised 8/29/14