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Building A Bride

Piece by piece
Living stone by stone
The temple takes its form
Masterpieces all, filled with Glory
The puzzle rattles into formation
The pictures form
A glorious image of restoration
Corruption liberated to perfection
Destiny departed from: now reborn
Each member in harmonious function
Each cell fitted to the next
A massive biologic machine of eternal life
Every vessel honored by the Master
The Warrior Bride of Christ
Poetry in motion
A perfect, impossibly beautiful Bride
Lovely in face and form
Loving and yielded she makes herself
In the arms of her Bridegroom
Yet terrible and fierce against the enemy
Deborah, Hannah, Ruth, Esther
Anna, Elizabeth, Mary, Eunice
Here we are, the glory of creation
His righteousness in the earth
His hands, his feet, his physical body
Healers, builders, leaders, servants
Repairers of the breach
Kinsman redeemers to cross Jordan
Waters of death rolling back to Adam
Reclaiming the territory
Kicking out the squatters
The Lion of Judah roars
Terrifying and eviscerating the enemy
Restoring righteousness in the heavens
Declaring the manifold wisdom of God
To the principalities and authorities
Proclaiming the return of the King
Laying out palms for him
Rejoicing as he enters the Holy City
Rejoicing as he enters into us
Creation receives its yearning
Many sons of God revealed
And the wedding banquet of the Lamb

Stephen Pursell,
original: 11/14/02, revised: 8/14