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Bride And Groom

Dance, City of Gold
Play, Bride Of God
Cast off your fetters
Laugh, skipping into the light
Let your living waters flow
You are being set free
Come to Papa
Abba eagerly waits you
Let the dam break
Let the flood come
Your gifts, your creativity
His Life, his body
Our land, our destiny
The elders' satisfaction
The children's future
Our destiny, his promise
Your restoration, your peace
His glory, our fulfillment
Christ in us, all in all
Oneness, radiance, peace
Simplicity, healing, dominion
Arms upraised, eyes that gleam
Find the gold
Collect the diamonds
Bless the earth
Bless the future
Kiss the son
The Son of David
He comes now
To tabernacle among you

Stephen Pursell, 2002, 
a prophetic blessing for Oroville