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Bones Await

I stand among the dry bones
The broken loves of my fellows
Prisoners under Pharoah's heel
Oppressed by wicked laws
And courts run by Satan's friends
All around me a fallen army
One destined for greatness
But still dry bones today
Where is Ezekiel?
Where is the Breath of Life?
My soul cries for the deep
Others howl all around
How long, Lord?
But I know you are faithful
You will come
It is only we who prevent you
In love with our idols
Married to Egypt
Infested in the filth of slavery
Forgive us, Lord
Heal us, Lord
Have mercy, Lord
Yahweh, Abba, Father
From under Pharaoh's heel we cry
Captives or prisoners?
Doubtless both
Depending on the bone
Breathe on us, Lord
We are yours, Lord
Your handiwork, your treasure
Your harvest yet unreaped
Sharpen your sickle, Lord
Sweet Jesus, cleanse your Bride
Manifest your sons
And brothers

Stephen Pursell, 11/01/02