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Blessed Friend

Bless him Lord, bless my friend
Bless him as he tosses to and fro
Strengthen him in the fight
Let him know he is not alone
Help him feel he's not forgotten
Show him he'll not be pushed aside
Pull him close, bathe him in your love
Hold him and heal him
And maybe me too
I need the same healing
Heal us with your words
Heal us with each other
Hug us with each other
Make us children again
Running through the grass
Skipping and playing
Shouting and singing
The music of children's voices
Bless my friend, Lord, carry him
Whisper gently to him in the night
Come to him and snuggle him
Wrap up the little boy inside
Be his Papa and cradle him
Blow on his face, stroke him to sleep
He's tired, Lord, he's hungry
He needs to find a resting place
Bring us home together
Help us find our place in the sun
Help us find our place in the Son

Stephen Pursell, 11/26/02