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Beautiful Land

Oh, beautiful, sweet, blessed land
With amber waves of grain
Where all have sought to dwell
Why, why must your scorn your fathers' gift?
Why have you sought after meaningless trifles?
And abandoned the meat of Life?
You have fed your children to the devourer
To vote yourself a softer ride
Why have you forgotten what you fought to have?
And thrown away what you sent your sons to preserve?
You have been given everything
Why is it not enough for you?
You have crushed the weakest among you
So you could have a moment of wealth
And perverse pleasure
Why don't you want to have joy?
Why do you insist on your self-righteousness?
When you have murdered your children?
The innocent unborn?
Did you think that Holy God could turn his head?
While their blood cries out from the land?
So now you will surely pay with blood
Blood of the fruit of your womb
The ones you allowed birth, that is
When will you repent?
Why won't you turn way from your sin?
Why would you choose to be judged?
When the weight of mercy could fall on you?
The Glory of God is yours for the asking
But you are in love with death

Stephen Pursell,
original: 2002, revised: 1/13/14