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Another Test

Bless them Lord
Bless them and help them
The enemy would send them against me
Torpedoes launched again
By some poor, lost shot-caller
I see the ugly poison in their eyes
Help them, Lord
The enemy would destroy them
Telling them they're justified
Sending them on suicide missions
Unwitting expendable assets
Weapons that cannot prevail
Doomed to destruction in the aiming
Save them Lord
But oh Lord, destroy the enemy
Rise up in anger, Lord
Deliver your anointed
Pour out your jealous fire
Open your protector's cache of weapons
Choose the right one to crush the foe
Send Michael and his legions
Like a mighty wave of holy fury
I am your son, you are my Father
I trust you to surround me
Fiery chariots in the unseen realms
A host of mighty holy warriors
Radiant with light and glory
Thank you Father, for your promise
Thank you for coming to save me
Thank you for showing my salvation
Thank you for recruiting your servant David
Help me to praise you like him
To raise a standard of praise and worship
Show your hand, Lord
Show them your plans for them
To save, heal and deliver them all
Demonstrate your power and glory
Clarify who is the Lord
King of heaven and earth

Stephen Pursell, 11/18/02