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Always There

Every time, everywhere
How many times I have despaired
But then I looked up and there your were
My smile came
Your laughter came
My arms shot up
And there was freedom
"Where the spirit of the Lord is
THERE is freedom"
Oh, to be like a bird
Aflight upon a breeze
Rolling and dancing
Dipping and swerving
And am I not worth more than many sparrows to You?
They neither so nor reap yet you feed them
How much more are my needs in your thoughts
Thoughts that are higher than mine
Thoughts that are very deep
If I ascend to Heaven You are there
Though I make my bed in hell, You are with me
Thank you, my Mighty God
Thank you for watching over me

Stephen Pursell, 12/18/02,
please forgive the blatant plagiarism of the
Holy Spirit and the prophet
David in this
poem!!! LOL, praise God that He has made
his word available to us all!!