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So Long To The World

System and mind of this world I address you
I may not matter to you by your standards
You may not care for the my way, my 'style', my face
You may despise my philosophy and hate my God
But I am free of your rules
I am done with caring for your input
I have exhausted the possibility
That you offer anything worthwhile
I know your outlook holds nothing for me
Your value system leaves me empty
For you are a hollow shadow of real Life
You are less than worth mentioning
In the face of eternity
I care not for you to know my name
And I actually seek to contribute to your demise
For I have found the answer you only pretend to know
The un-ness of your ideas is exposed to me
My heart has seized upon Reality
And I am no longer vulnerable to your enticements
How could you hope to keep me now
Since the Author of true substance has taken me in
And I will hereafter always be rapt with meaning
You have nothing that can invite
Except that your very existence
Gives me something to righteously hate
I delight to know your end is near
I am thrilled to help deal you the death knells
For I no longer tolerate you or your fruit
I'll no longer tolerate your seduction of my brethren
Goodbye to you, world
This son of God will help destroy you
You will writhe helplessly under the heel
Of the One who will crush you
And I get to help Him
I disdain you with the purity of Christ

Stephen Pursell,
original 12/18/01, revised 11/11/14