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I must never turn back
I must never apologize
I must never fall way
How could I turn
From the hope of glory?
Why would I relinquish
The promise of freedom?
Not even a fool like me
Could be so foolish
For I know whom I have believed
I have tasted his Glory
I have drunk his Beauty
He has laid a yoke on my neck
But I was not built to work alone
I was made to have yokefellows
He has shown me
The promise of harvest
And I cannot be left waiting
Many will rush to gather together
We will eagerly join in the reaping
They will be those who have chosen
They will have left the empty behind
Having chosen the treasure of heaven
The rewards of eternity
We will be joyful to join one another
Together we shall be living stones
Cells in the literal body of the King
Eye and hand in sync
In a dance of beauty and grace
Reaching a lost, captive world
Taking it back for the Kingdom
Presenting it to Him as he comes

Stephen Pursell, 
original 12/17/01, revised 11/11/14