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I Remember Too

I remember!
I remember the joy of the dandelion boy
Rapt with what I felt
Lifted on notes of joyous praise
Aloft in a moment of splendor
Unaware of its source
Except to love the old vinyl records
That sing to him and I with them
But that Life went in!
And it suck to my ribs!
I'm still that little boy
I'm getting back to that little boy
Free and full of faith, trust and hope
Unshackled to soar in the truth of being
And dance of the bones of death
I have been liberated
Permanently, unreservedly, unsearchably
To explore anew
Like the boy on the hillsides of his childhood
Swimming in the sea of curiosity
Hungry for experience
Unafraid of anything
Thirsty for knowledge
And more sweet kisses from heaven

Stephen Pursell, 10/21/01