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A Peculiar People

Do not change, friend
Don't let the lie of conformity rob you of Life
You are precious in your 'strangeness'
Believe only the voices of your beauty
For your uniqueness is the face of my God
Your expression of his indescribable creativity
I, like you, have known the scorn of the 'normal'
I have allowed the pressure of un-identity to devalue me
But Christ did not allow it
Within me he refused to die
From beneath the weight of petty proprieties
Life forced his way back into my conscience
And has exposed the stupidity of sameness
For uniformity is the work of the evil one
I am reborn into the Truth of my conception
To light lamps of creation
To dance in the richness of anticipation
For Life is not to know only that which is found
But to find that which is not yet known
I am alive in the knowing of Life
But driven by the hunger to yet know Him
For knowing the infinite is inexhaustible
But to know only the known is stagnation
So, please friend, delight in your difference
For in you something new is revealed
Another aspect of God's beauty
So be grateful for sharing the new
For we who know what you are doing
Are joyed to see more of God through you
I was once bound by uniformity
But now with you I live to be peculiar
And reveal Him in ways inimitable

Stephen Pursell,
original: 12/01, revised: 11/13/14