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I have lived the road
Even when I had forgotten he was beside me
I always knew I was walking along it
And knowing that, I cannot help but marveI
Indeed to ever be undone at the wonder of it
That I have come to know this peace
To walk on a seashore vibrant with Life's pulse
Kissed by a salt breeze

How did this happen?
I remember exactly the events
But that does not answer the mystery
For I am alive
Increasingly and indescribably
My tongue dances with the story of my deliverance
For I was imprisoned
I was enslaved, afraid and alone
Lost in a torrent of lies

But the Lover of my soul rescued me
He came on the voice of a friend
He spoke gentle correction
He challenged me to return to integrity
He invited my Frozen Child out to play
And opened the flood gates of life
He has drowned me in the joy of eternity
Old gone, new alive
Alive to Life and purpose

Stephen Pursell, 12/01