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Love In Condemnation

I see between the lines now
The words the writers did not pen
The picture that was intentionally left out
That only those who seek would see the truth
That you wept
That you wept when they made that final choice
How often have I read the word
Through the eyes of condemnation
As you spoke the tragic truth of their state
That they were choosing death
Definitively, protractedly, knowingly, and finally
I have tasted the edge of it
The tiniest morsel
Of the bitterest of your moments
That you will have to send them away
That they voluntarily turned and left
To go into the darkness they desire
Never to have choice again
I see that I could not stand it
But you shall bring into its knowing
The agony of their rejection
And the horror of their choice
That you have longed to give them life
To serve them and bless them
To share with them that which is your own
To free them from every trapping
And push them out to sea...
I have wondered at this mystery
At how the man whose very marrow is Love itself
Who never spoke with anything but love
Could bring such words of condemnation
Now, I see how your heart was breaking
I pray, Lord that I may know you
Please bless me with this pain
That my heart may be so soft
And know the truth of what you said
Down in my bones
With absolute conviction
As when you looked down from the cross
"Father, forgive them
For they know not what they do"

Stephen Pursell, 10/1/01