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Life Again

Here I am
All flesh and bone
Blood and marrow
I feel experienced beyond my years
In a good way, now
Though I have agonized over it in yesteryear
Tormented that I knew what I knew
But I am alive again
I have been rescued
Plucked from the brink of eternal destruction
Snatched from the grip of my self-wrought prison
And placed atop a mountain of meaning
Master of nothing
Servant of all
Slipping into the peace of invisibility
Hidden in Christ from the eyes of the world
Freed of the desire to satisfy worldly standards
Released to soar in heights of Truth
And explore His character
For Truth is a person
I have sought to become His friend
One in whom he may trust
Unworthy to be sure
But chosen regardless

And recipient of the eternal gift
Where Life is allocated by measure
Limited only by my desire to receive
So I say yes, finally
I open to unimaginable adventure

Stephen Pursell, 11/26/01