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I Remember

I remember a little boy in a truck
All atwitter with excitement
Enthralled with the adventures afoot
Bumping along the mountain road
The rumbling of the mighty Ford Ranger
With no power steering
Grandpa at the wheel
Driving thumbs out
Lest a rut grab the wheels
And snap the steering wheel around
Breaking the thumbs
Oh, to be alive again
And be restored to glories past
Again to soar in the joy of childhood
Roaming the landscapes of priceless memories
I am restored again to truth
The aroma of moments long forgotten
Delicious in their breathing
I remember also the confusion there
Deep that boy's little soul
So hurt by his idol's error
The one who tore the tiny boy's heart
But today that heart is mending
Bound up in the gentle Healer's hand
Alone no more within
Despite the many bars without
Imprisoned no more in spirit
Only bodily for this brief time
I remember life of beauty lost
But found in my Savior's face

Stephen Pursell, 9/29/01