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Hymn Story

I shall never cease to praise my God
Or seek his shining face
I know there is no glory found
Without his wondrous grace
I'll share the story of my life
To anyone who'll hear
And speak of all he's done for me
To free my soul from fear
I'll never love another god
Now that I've found the One
Who promises the very best
And always gets it done
Oh, won't you let Him give to you
This joy that fills my heart
And join with us in life so rich
From which you'll never part
Please come with us into life
We seek your brotherhood
I know you'll find the way of truth
And peace with all that's good
Then you can tell your story true
Of how you found release
From all your sorrow and your pain
And now you have his peace

Stephen Pursell, 9/28/01