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I am so blessed
I was chosen to be pressed
To fold and break
To fight, seemingly alone
Against an unseen foe
In a sea of towering grass
To wander
With steps of faded glory
And find myself
Falling into the crevasse
To be driven to climb
Fueled by an untouchable fire
Yet somehow adequate
And upon
Reaching the top
To discover
That's Life's author
Had transformed the very ground
Beneath my feet
Into a mountain
And atop its magnificent summit
I could survey all creation
And Truth spoke to me
He told me it is all mine
To serve and to nourish
Have you been blessed to be torn?
Do you know
That the most precious gem
Is the hardest to find?
So goes the journey of your soul
The most beautiful soul
Is brought through a great travail
Born to light the world

Stephen Pursell, 10/22/98