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I am trying to live what I believe
While leaving room to grow
To allow what I believe to deepen, fill out
I am trying to let you do the same
But it's hard
In my imperfection, sometimes I only see
A face of you I do not know how to love
And maybe truly shouldn't
What if it's something you need freedom from?
I have them too
So I'm reaching for you
Come be whole with me
Help keep me humble
I want to know how
To remember what matters
And fight back to place where we connect
I love you, I love you
I hate this
I hate these voices between us
Help me cut them away
Listen to the note of my love
Help me learn to accept you
The real you
Let's hold on and keep dancing
Work with me
Scream at me if you must
Hate me if you have to
But don't give up on me
Keep talking
Stand with me in the fire

Stephen Pursell, late 1998