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Missing Rib

        Sing to me of that below the deep
From the land of the lonely found
Whisper from between the cracks of firelight
I feel you there
Where my marrow moves
I know you have bedded down in sand
I can smell it in your voice
You could not see the sun
From the depth of the clean blanket
I can hear it in your eyes
In silence there you have lain
Though the wind howled above you
The waves dashed your lovers on the rocks
You drifted below
In your thirsty bone suit
I know it
I can taste it in your words
I can feel it in your scent
I can hold it with the smokey fingers of my soul
For through all of that
No matter what depths you plumbed
Ever silently waiting
Yearning for the day we would touch
I lay buried beneath you

Stephen Pursell, 12/98