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Land Of Many Troubles

I have returned to my land of many troubles
This desert without in which I have wandered
While I crouched and crawled through
Another harsh desert
The wilderness within
In the place I despaired my ruin
I have settled to witness my restoration
To receive my promised land
Handed down by my Creator
The Author of Grace and Truth
I participate in it with thankfulness
In his redemption of a life
One I had feared hopelessly torn
Irretrievably broken on the rocks of my lot
My foolishness, my ignorance
And my unrequested misfortune
Retrieved in the balance
My own: my own and put to rest
Theirs: lifted from me and forgiven
And most of all
It all
And nailed to the cross

Stephen Pursell,
from Tucson, AZ USA,
sometime in 1998