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Cry of the Frozen Child

Move my soul
Tear at my armor
I am frozen for the weight of it
Graze my wound
Brave my fury that I may find it
Or my fear
My quaking child within
Alone in the waiting
Press me
Do not let me shrink from you
To disrespect your unsearchable devotion
The flame that licks at my glacial moment
Somewhere in my depths
I yearn for the pain of breaking
Lash at me
But endure
Provoke me
Violate my stronghold of lies
Terrify me with your wind of knowing
Love's ferocity
Shatter my black windows
Drag me bleeding into the light
Pour your acceptance over me
Prove to me to what I never could believe
That I could still be loved
Now that I am known
For I have tasted beauty
It slipped between my broken lips
And bit into my heart
Its memory eternal
Driving me
Compelling me again to peer into the abyss
Again to beseech fire from your eyes
Thirsty for more of the life within me
Seeking voice

Stephen Pursell, 12/98