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Dare To Dream

I dare to dream
I dare to hope of things glorious
I long to know and create beauty divine
A lifetime of voices have told me I could not
A blizzard of lies from the lips of those
So beaten that they believed it
Their poor shriveled souls too terrified
To dare to believe the truth
Seeking to disallow me to soar
To fly in the face of false 'realities'
That had ever only choked them
Defeating them into faithlessness
But Someone has conquered death before me
And beckoned me to follow
That I too may overcome
Walk over all sin, sickness and death
As I walk in the steps of the Master
The breath of God will lift me
And set my yearning feet
On the path of righteousness
To share in the Glory divine
And be a brother to the King

Stephen Pursell, 12/98, revised 5/7/15