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Browsing Stanford

So many lovely faces
erful minds
Healthy young bodies
But what is the hunger of their hearts?
Whose voice do they obey?
My cynic says he knows:
That they kneel to the dollar
Yet there must some purity here
Nuggets in the ore
Surely there are hearts here
Searching in hunger for true wisdom
Reaching for truth
Likewise there is tragic waste
Creative power spent
In loveless vision
Destined for obsolescence
But the New Day will come
Victory for the earth
Freedom for man
Occupation by God
The Glorious Lord Jesus
Evermore ruling the universe
From his throne in Jerusalem
But first we must slog through
The fallen, rotten fruit
At the foot of the tree of knowledge
The one we ought not have touched
Yet could not avoid
In order to fulfill our destiny

Stephen Pursell,
original: summer 1998,
revised: 10/14/14